About Alia and Ruth

Alia is human-rights advocate, non-practicing triathlete and magician who has received numerous rewards and widespread recognition for her parallel parking skills.

Ruth is an economics writer and researcher who makes colorful charts and will eventually figure out how to properly French braid her daughter’s hair. Views expressed are Ruth’s alone and do not reflect those of any prior or current employers. Contact: rmantell@womanswork.net

We both live in D.C.


One thought on “About Alia and Ruth”

  1. Ruth… sent the below to your email at MarketWatch and learned you left there. Please read below and consider my client Tamara. I think she is PERFECT to offer advice / perspective / expertise to WomensWork.net….

    Hey Ruth,

    Came across your work on MarketWatch and then found your WomensWork.net. I am a pr guy in LA who represents NYC based author Tamara Jacobs. I’d like to connect Tamara with you and offer her expertise for some piece you may be working on for MarketWatch or for your WomensWork.net. Tamara’s new tome is YOUR ULTIMATE SUCCESS PLAN… a career guidance book to help employees get rewarded, recognized and promoted. Attached is the release on Tamara’s book. Happy to send you a copy. Thank you for considering Tamara as a go-to source for your work. PS – The Huffington Post just called Tamara’s book “The Get Off Your Ass Book of the Year.” See here:



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